Technocrats is a strong believer in Health, Safety and Environment as we consider our people to be our true assets. Safety is our first priority in all our activites . We are commited to implementing, developing and improving strategies ‘ management systems and processes to ensure all our activites the highest level of performance and safety. The mission of Technocrats is to integrate Quality and Safety into all business activities in order to be a leader in our safety and performance. We therefore subscribe fully to the following philosophies: .

Do it RIGHT, The First Time, Every Time.

True Service, Quality and Speed paves the way to success.

If you Know it..Share it

Nothing is more important than safe working.

All errors, accidents and injuries are preventable. They are not inevitable.

Safety is the responsibility of everyone and must be managed by everyone.

Our Committment is towards

  • Implementing a well defined procedure for all our activities and operations
  • Developing and embedding a safety culture in all our activites
  • Ensure that all staff are provided with adequate and appropriate safety information and training
  • Ensure that sufficient skilled and trained resources are available to implement safety strategy and policy.

Establish and measure our safety performance against realistic objectives.

Our QHSE Policy

Every task must be performed with a concern for safety, for the environment, for ourselves, our fellow employees, our customers and the fellow community in which we operate. Ultimately this leads to the elimination of injuries and the optimization of all the activities in our business.


  • Technocrats firmly believe in the health and safety of our employees, contractors, customers, who are of utmost importance to us. Safety is essential and integral part of our each and every activity. We believe that all injuries, occupational/environmental incidents and illness are preventable, therefore all works shall be carried out with almost care, and consideration to safety, ensuring facilities sensibly feasible.
    Technocrats are committed to:-
  • Comply with the requirements of relevant statutory, regulatory and other provisions.
  • Conduct all its operations in a manner to avoid harm to all his employees, contractors, customers, associated personnel.
  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy work place to operational procedure, safe systems, and methods of work.
  • Continuously improve its environmental practices and performance.
  • Develop safety awareness and appropriate levels of training to protect all employees from foreseeable work hazards and ensure they are able to fulfill health and safety responsibilities.
  • Work with contractors, customers, partners to facilitate health and safety performance and make it obligatory for them to follow safe practices.
  • Review periodically internals and external work procedures and practices and investigate all incidents relating to health and safety ensuring implementation of corrected measures.
  • Conducting all works in a safe manner by providing personal protection equipments, tools and tackles.